Does your master agent still have a Verizon contract?

TBI is the first master agent to have a total portfolio of Verizon solutions for all customer segments (wireline, wireless, enterprise, SLED, Gov't). Combine that with a back office that is second to none when it comes to Verizon’s complex processes and system, TBI continues to help our partners earn more selling Verizon's suite of products and services.

With Verizon purchasing XO Communications, your customers' current XO contracts will renew directly with Verizon. Don't let these changes go without communication to your customer. Take advantage of this opportunity to reach out to your customers and find out how you can assist with their technology needs. Offer a needs assessment to ensure your customers are prepared to successfully meet business demands by utilizing the correct technology solutions.

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Sell Verizon with World Class Support through TBI

At TBI, we know expertise is required to effectively sell Verizon. So we’ve built up our back-office team to ensure a seamless end-user experience on Verizon opportunities. See how we have helped other partners close Verizon deals.

  • 16 pre-sales Verizon specialists
  • Verizon dedicated Design Engineer (who happens to have the most experience out of any support individual in Verizon’s channel ecosystem)
  • 8 Verizon contract specialists
  • 8 Verizon Project Managers to assist in provisioning and implementations
  • 2 Program manager overlays for management of enterprise opportunities
  • Dedicated post-sales escalation resource for implementation and repair escalations
  • Enterprise-grade CRM NetSuite for tracking and accountability.
  • Custom reporting available for every phase. 

Platinum Partnership Perks

Higher compensation, less restrictions. 
Get paid for more solutions with little restrictions on what you can sell.

A skilled back-office at your disposal.
TBI has employees dedicated Verizon, experienced in Verizon’s quoting and ordering systems (Rapid Delivery Platform, CoFFee2go, and OneSource), our team knows how to navigate internal roadblocks and get quotes and contracts out sooner.

Additional Verizon Resources.
Verizon Project Implementation Managers are available for high-touch accounts ensuring milestones are met and escalations are resolved quickly and completely. 
Verizon Direct Sales Reps team with Project Implementation Managers for greater sales support when engaging high-value Corporate and Enterprise accounts for greater success.

Training Resources.
Access to Verizon’s PRM system for self-paced trainings on Verizon solutions and agnostic education through the University of TBI.

Sales Enablement.
TBI has dedicated personnel to assist partners in understanding the Verizon Channel Program and solutions to propel sales.

Executive Alignment.
The Verizon and TBI relationship spans more than 10 years, before Verizon built its channel

Wireless Agent Program

Wireless agents program combines the best of Verizon's legacy partner programs and practices into a single market facing channel. Business agents aim to enhance exciting capabilities, target customers more effectively, expand into new markets and boost the bottom line.

Wireless Portfolio

Workforce productivity solutions Push to talk, mobile forms, enterprise messaging and private network with secure cloud interconnect

One Talk business phone&nsp;solutions Mobile first business IP phone solution

Enterprise Mobility Management Security Wireless private network, mobile broadband router, network extenders, device enrollment and mobile device management

NextGen Network 5G Ultra-wideband and 5G-capable devices

Mobile Business Solutions Office 365, G-Suite, Wandera and GoCanvas

Wireless devices Smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspot, laptops, 2-in-1, One Talk, routers and connected devices

Mobility Mobile internet, monitoring and tracking, mobile point of sale, productivity, cloud services and security 


  • Management of sales cycle
  • Create compelling mobility solutions by bundling Verizon core services 
  • Access to Verizon business promotions
  • Verizon product and training support
  • Best in class competitively priced products and solutions  
Work with TBI for your Verizon business finger-point.png